Gidgillys is a reputable local child care provider and has been since 2006

Gidgillys has grown since opening in 2006 to become a reputable education and care service.

A privately owned education and care service and preschool. The centre has a licensed capacity of 59 children offering four classrooms across the centre providing excellent learning environments for infants to preschool age.

Gidgillys has been rated as 'Exceeding' under the Rating and Assessment requirements by Australian Children's Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA). This is graded by the National Quality Standards for Educational Program and Practice, Children's Health & Safety, Physical Environment, Staffing Arrangements, Relationships with Children, Collaborative Partnerships with Families & Communities and Leadership & Service Management. We also have an 'Excellent' rating for Hygiene and Food Safety by the NSW Food Authority.


The Director, Kylie Showman, is a Diploma qualified Early Childhood Educator with 5+ years experience in this sector. Kylie's previous position of 4 years with Gidgillys was Assistant Director. Kylie has lived in the Jindabyne area for 15 years earning her valuable knowledge of the community and ability to build quality relationships with families. With an amazing passion to deliver consistent high quality education and care, Kylie leads a team of dedicated and qualified Educators.


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A Quality Improvement Plan or QIP is required under the National Regulations for Early Childhood Education and Care. The QIP helps us assess our own centre and performance to ensure we are delivering quality education and care, it also assists us with planning future improvements. Having a QIP also helps the regulatory authorities when assessing our service.

Gidgillys conducts a self assessment by preparing our Quality Improvement Plan. We critically reflect upon current practice at the service, deciding what is done well and also identifying opportunities for improvement. We welcome your input and suggestions.

Below is our QIP summary as per each National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care.



A Reconciliation Action Plan is a formal statement of our commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander people within our centre, community and Australia.

Gidgillys is currently developing our RAP which will clearly set out our steps towards reconciliation initiatives. We are scoping and developing steps to ensure our successive RAP's are meaningful, mutually beneficial and sustainable.

We currently have a RAP Working Group to assist in development, if reconciliation is something you believe in and strive for, please contact us to discuss as we would be happy to welcome your feedback and if you wish to be part of the Working Group please let us know.


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To ensure infectious diseases within our childcare setting are prevented, we follow information contained within the following booklet provided by the Australian Government National Health & Medical Research Council.

This booklet provides information about how infectious diseases are spread, main ways to prevent infection,

monitoring children's illness, procedures for personal hygiene, nappy changing procedures, food safety, safely dealing with spills, issues for employers, educators and other staff and fact sheets.

We strictly follow these guidelines to ensure Gidgillys is a safe and healthy place for your child.


Gidgillys prides itself on being able to offer our children a nutritional and well balanced menu that includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 


Children's needs are met on an individual basis to ensure allergies, gluten/dairy free and/or religious beliefs are accommodated for. Children are provided with the recommended daily nutritional intake.

All children are encouraged to taste their meals, even foods they may not have tried before, "Try it, you might like it!". Alternate meals are offered to choosy eaters.

Educators demonstrate and also encourage children to use safe hygiene practice at every meal including hand washing before and after eating, as well as using tongs for serving and cutlery to eat with. To also encourage good dental hygiene, educators also ask the children to "swish and swallow" after every meal (Munch & Move).

We aim to provide children with well balanced nutritional meals from ingredients across the five food groups: Grain Food, Vegetables/Beans/Legumes, Fruit, Dairy, Lean Meats/Poultry. We ensure dishes are low salt, low sugar and refrain from food that contain artificial additives and colourings. Each morning and afternoon tea is served with milk (full cream for under 2 years old and reduced fat milk for 2 years and older).

Infants are provided pureed fruit and vegetables for their main meals. Educators will consult with families as to what solids have been introduced at home to ensure consistency.

Gidgillys has continuously been rated 'Excellent' by the NSW Food Authority for Hygiene and Food Safety. 


A beautiful small country town located in South/East New South Wales, overlooking stunning Lake Jindabyne. A popular winter tourist destination due to its close proximity to a number of ski resorts throughout the Kosciuszko National Park which include Perisher and Thredbo.

The Jindabyne township was moved to it's current location back in the 1960s when the Jindabyne Dam began construction on the Snowy River. The old township still exists underneath Lake Jindabyne.

Jindabyne is surrounded by spectacular country landscape and a picturesque mountain backdrop and offers a diverse range of Australian Wildlife. You will often see Kangaroos, Emu's, Echidnas, Possums and beautiful Rosella parrots in Jindabyne and the surrounding areas.   

The community in Jindabyne enjoy activities like Mountain Biking, Boating, Horse Riding and Hiking in the summer months and Skiing and Snowboarding in the winter months. The lake is well known for Trout fishing year round (fishing in steams and rivers permitted from October to June long weekend). Host to several yearly events like the L'ETape Australia (by Le Tour De France), Scupltures by the Lake, Jindabyne Rodeo, Thredbo Blues Festival and so much more!

A great adventure town for children to grow and learn; Gidgillys is very proud to call Jindabyne home.