Gidgillys prides itself on being able to offer our children a nutritional and well balanced menu that includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. 


Children's needs are met on an individual basis to ensure allergies, gluten/dairy free and/or cultural beliefs are accommodated for. Children are provided with the recommended daily nutritional intake.

All children are encouraged to taste their meals, even foods they may not have tried before, "Try it, you might like it!".  Children are regularly involved in meal preparation using vegetables grown from our garden. 

Educators demonstrate and also encourage children to use safe hygiene practice at every meal including hand washing before and after eating, as well as using tongs for serving and cutlery to eat with. To also encourage good dental hygiene, educators also ask the children to "swish and swallow" after every meal (Munch & Move).

We aim to provide children with well balanced nutritional meals from ingredients across the five food groups: Grain Food, Vegetables/Beans/Legumes, Fruit, Dairy, Lean Meats/Poultry. We ensure dishes are low salt, low sugar and refrain from food that contain artificial additives and colourings. Each morning and afternoon tea is served with milk (full cream for under 2 years old and reduced fat milk for 2 years and older).

Infants are provided pureed fruit and vegetables for their main meals. Educators will consult with families as to what solids have been introduced at home to ensure consistency.

Gidgillys has continuously been rated 'Excellent' by the NSW Food Authority for Hygiene and Food Safety. 

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